Prime-Time Health

A Scientifically Proven

Plan for Healthy Aging

Enjoy the second half of life!

People spend a lifetime investing in their IRA (Individual Retirement Account) yet when they retire, they realize they didn’t invest enough in their IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health) and aren’t healthy enough to really enjoy their retirement.

Prime-Time Health is for those who want to take charge of their health, prevent disease, avoid disability, and spend money on something other than doctors!

Prime-Time Health is a simple healthy-aging program to help adults and seniors uncover the secrets of aging well.  Whether you are a forty-year-old in the prevention mind-set or a senior already in repair mode, with this plan you will:

  • Understand how your body changes during prime time
  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost your energy, stress less, sleep better and sharpen your thinking
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and the “highs”(blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Become fit, strong and flexible

Prime-Time Health is a scientifically proven plan for healthy aging that is taught by Certified Coaches through four interactive workshops.  These workshops can be taught at various locations and include hands-on activities, workbooks, healthy snacks and recipes.  The program consists of a series of four 90-minute workshops.

  • Open Your Internal Pharmacy – Learn about the keys, and the science behind your body’s internal pharmacy.  You can help your body produce these custom-made medicines and be in charge of your health.

  • Make Health Your Hobby – Understand how the body works and focus on making good choices for great health every day.

  • Move Waste From Your Waist – Waist size is a strong indicator of our overall health! Find out how to remove toxic waste and eliminate the health-harming chemicals that are produced by belly fat.

  • Live Without Pain and Inflammation – Inflammation literally means the body’s immune system is on fire.  Learn the primary causes, and ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Participate in a Prime-Time Health workshop today and learn about:

  • A Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough and its effect on healthy aging
  • The most effective way to communicate and partner with healthcare providers
  • What is the strongest indicator of overall health
  • How inflammation effects the body and the inflammatory markers to watch for
  • How to decipher the many parts of a packaged food label
  • Eating strategies that will help shed those unwanted, extra pounds
  • How to help the mind stay strong and sharp as you age
  • And much, much more!

Prime-Time Health teaches how to add years to your life and life to your years.”

~ Dr William Sears

Prime-Time Health was developed by world renowned physician and author William Sears, MD and Martha Sears, RN.

William Sears, MD is one of America’s most trusted physicians, is a nutrition expert and the author of over forty books including Prime-Time Health. He has practiced medicine for four decades and is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine.

Martha Sears, RN is a parenting and health consultant who coauthored many of Dr. William Sears’ books.