Tip: Yoga Benefits

Yoga is a good exercise to promote flexibility and proper breathing.

Yoga BenefitsYoga is a good exercise to promote flexibility and proper breathing.  Yoga teaches you how to breathe properly and move your body to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. At the same time it helps to reduce and control stress and improve your overall health.

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Give Yoga a try. If only to check it out here are a few suggestions:

  • Check out a beginning Yoga book from the library.
  • Check out a beginner’s Yoga video from the library.
  • Attend (or go watch) a Yoga class.

Last summer, my husband checked out Yoga For Dummies by Georg Feuerstein from our local library and taught himself how to do Yoga at home. Close to exhausting the renewal process for the book I purchased a copy used from Amazon.com. Nine months later he is still doing Yoga and seeing many health benefits, one of which is reaching his ideal weight and slimming down his waistline!

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