Tip: Spices with Health Benefits

As we age, the healthier spicy food is for us.

Spices For Your HealthAs we age, the healthier spicy food is for us and here’s why:

  • Spicy foods contain high levels of antioxidants and immune-fighting nutrients, such as chili peppers, garlic, onions, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, which decrease inflammation and wear and tear on our tissues.

  • Spices act like the body’s own chemical regulators, such as insulin and anti-inflammatories.

  • Spices have anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-Alzheimer’s disease effects.

  • Spices can help control your appetite while they take control of your taste buds.

Call to Action:

Unless your gut says otherwise, spice up your life with spices!

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2 thoughts on “Tip: Spices with Health Benefits”

    1. Hi Sharon,
      That’s awesome. My son and husband go for the hottest spices they can find, but I’m still trying to get beyond mild! But I too am learning what benefits certain spices have and incorporating more in my diet.

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