Tip: Listening to Soothing Music ~ Stress Reducer

Listening to music can be a great stress reducer.

Listening to music can be a great stress reducer.  One study showed that cardiology patients who listened to classical music for 30 minutes produced calming effects equivalent to a 10-mg dose of Valium.

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If you have about ten minutes and a quiet room, you can take a mental vacation almost anytime.  Consider these two types of relaxation CDs or tapes to help you unwind, rest your mind or take a visual journey to a peaceful place.

  • Spoken word.  These CDs use spoken suggestions to guide your meditation, educate you on stress reduction, or take you on an imaginary visual journey to a peaceful place.

  • Soothing music or nature sounds.  Music has the power to affect your thoughts and feelings.  Soft, soothing music can help you relax and lower your stress level.

No one CD works for everyone, so try several CDs to find which works best for you.  When possible, listen to samples in the store.  Consider asking your friends for recommendations.

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(Source: Discover Wellness)

1 thought on “Tip: Listening to Soothing Music ~ Stress Reducer”

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Since my Sudden Cardiac Arrest on September 7th, I am really enjoying your health tips. I actually got kicked out of Cardiac Rehab today because my blood pressure is too low. I think all the good eating habits and exercise are reducing my need for blood pressure medication.

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