Tip: Laughter is the Best Medicine

A belly laugh a day may keep the doctor away!

Child LaughingDid you know that children laugh approximately 300 times a day, where the typical adult laughs less than 10 times per day? The following health benefits of laughter are the results of various research studies:

  • Laughter releases tension.

  • In 2005, researchers at the University of Maryland showed that laughing helped relax blood vessels linking it to healthier function and possible decreased risk of heart attack.

  • Laughter can alter your internal chemistry from negative to positive.

  • Twenty seconds of belly laughter is equivalent to three minutes of working out on a rowing machine.

  • Laughter may lower blood pressure and increase the amount of disease-fighting cells found in the body.

  • Laughter shifts your perception so you can center yourself and makes life more enjoyable.

  • Laughter is a known stress reliever.

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Find ways to add humor, laughter and joy to your life.

A belly laugh a day may keep the doctor away!

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