Tip: How To Improve Liver Health

To keep your liver from becoming overloaded eat a balanced diet, which includes…

Improve Liver HealthThe liver has many important functions.  The liver metabolizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates.  The liver also, produces hormones, makes cell membranes, facilitates with absorption of essential vitamins and filters and breaks down waste products from the body.

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To improve liver health and keep your liver from becoming overloaded eat a balanced diet:

  • A diet low in fat and sugar,
  • adequate protein,
  • low in carbohydrates,
  • high in fiber,
  • lots of fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • minimum alcohol consumption,
  • and avoid eating processed foods and fast food which can overwhelm your liver.

If your liver gets overloaded because of a poor diet or alcohol abuse it can lead to weight gain, cravings for sweets and starchy food, fatigue, constant hunger, diabetes, inflammation and premature aging.

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