Natural Sweeteners Comparison

Comparison list of natural sugar substitutes and natural sweeteners and the number of calories for each per teaspoon with a few noted comments.

Natural Sweetener Calories/tsp. Comments
Agave Nectar 20/tsp. Versatile; 75% sweeter than sugar; digests slowly
Barley Malt Syrup 20/tsp. 50% less sweet than sugar
Blackstrap Molasses 20/tsp. Lowest sugar content and more nutritious
Brown Rice Syrup 23/tsp. 50% less sweet than sugar
Honey 20/tsp. Versatile; contains antioxidants and enzymes
Maple Syrup (pure) 17/tsp. Highly versatile
Stevia 0 Intensely sweet herb; 1 tsp = 2 to 4 cups sugar
Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) 15/tsp. Dehydrated sugar cane; substitute 1-for-1 for sugar
Xylitol 10/tsp. Sugar alcohol; 40% fewer calories than sugar

(Source: Taste For Life, December 2007, with modifications)

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