Tip: Healthy Restaurant Choices

Healthy Restaurant OptionsSome people view a restaurant meal as an opportunity to let their guard down and overindulge.  And restaurants answer us with delicious dishes full of rich ingredients.  Portions are often too large so that we feel we’re getting our money’s worth.  And don’t forget the extravagant desserts that could feed three!

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Keep this in mind: restaurant food is designed to entice us and have us coming back for more.  With this in mind, most restaurants now have options so we can enjoy a low-fat, healthier meal.  Just like when you’re eating at home, the key is to take control of your eating and to make healthy choices in the right portions.

The high-fat dishes to avoid are buttery, creamy and cheesy dishes, fatty meats, and fried foods.  Remember there are usually better, healthier options for you.

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Source: Alli’s Healthy Eating Guide

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