Health Coaching

Take Control of Your Health Today…

Before It’s Too Late!

Do you need help in order to:

  • Feel more empowered over your health and make changes for good?

  • Be more successful in addressing a specific health related need?

  • Achieve your desired goals through self-discovery and accountability?

Hi, I’m Lynn Stafford and as your Professional Health and Wellness Coach we will create a customized program designed to achieve your desired goals.  I will encourage, support, and hold you accountable to your health and wellness goals so you are successful!

The good news is you can take charge of your life today and improve the overall quality of your health.

Are you ready to care for yourself as you do for your family, work, and everyone else?

If you are ready to take responsibility and commit yourself to consistent, small steps that move you forward and lead you to results you never imagined you can expect to:

  • Sleep better and wake up refreshed
  • Lose weight permanently and maintain your optimal weight
  • Commit to regular exercise and physical activity
  • Be more preventive-minded ~ take charge of your health
  • Suffer fewer illnesses ~ fewer “sick” doctor visits
  • Have more stamina and drive ~ be more productive
  • Feel more energetic and alive ~ have more fun
  • Enjoy sex more
  • Improve your health and well-being overall
  • Be more motivated to get the results you desire with greater clarity and focus
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Reduce clutter and tackle the energy zappers

Visualize what the perfect ‘10’ would look like to you ~

if your health and wellness were ideal.

Can you visualize yourself right now…

  • being physically active and fit?
  • getting enough sleep and waking well rested?
  • eating only healthy foods that nourish your body?
  • being well hydrated a benefit to your whole body?
  • being alert and focused?
  • moving about freely with less pain and restriction in your joints?
  • still having energy at the end of the day?
  • eager to spend time with that special someone?
  • feeling guilt-free about the time you spend having fun with friends and family?
  • worry-free about your (or your family’s) health?
  • living a stress-free life?
  • being organized and more productive?
  • maintaining the healthy habits you worked so diligently to establish?
  • feeling healthy and well all the time?
  • hearing other people tell you, “You look great!

Would you like to have that Much-Needed

Personal Attention and Encouragement?

By participating in one of my coaching programs you will get personal attention.  As your personal health coach I will:

  • Work with you to develop a personalized plan of action around your specific needs and desired future goals.
  • Work one-on-one with you to progress at your pace through planned activities, hand-selected educational resources, and other methods.
  • Help you build the critical skills in setting and reaching your goals so you can “help yourself” in the future.
  • Help you focus on ideas and strategies, keeping in mind, the choice and the pace are always set by you, the client.
  • Communicate with you as often as you need and in a way that is most convenient to your schedule.

Get started today by evaluating which type of coaching would best accommodate you, your lifestyle, and your budget.  Review the Coaching Programs available and chose either “Group” or “Individual” coaching, then get ready to take control of your health!

So if you’re ready to achieve the goal of “Making a Difference in real Health Care” and stop focusing on “Disease Management” then let’s get started today with your no-obligation introductory coaching session so you too can see how coaching can benefit you today!

To learn more about my Health and Wellness Coaching programs or obtain a FREE 45-minute telephone Introductory Coaching Session, please enter your information below or contact me today in order to set an appointment.   Also your feedback, suggestions and requests are always welcome.

To your improved health and well-being,


p.s. Don’t wait until you feel better ~ act now so you will feel better!

p.s.s.  And it’s never too late to make changes and take charge of your health.