Change Your Thinking Change Your Life – You Are What You Think

Improve Your Thinking
Change Your Thinking

Your thinking has various effects on your actions and life. The way you think and your thoughts are extremely important. Most people allow their minds to create incredible stories, much of which is based on drama and disaster, circumstances which probably never happened and most likely never will.

Your mind is only a part of you. It’s important to keep this fact in perspective. You are much greater than your mind; again the mind is just one part. Since you can’t eliminate your mind, you want to control it, direct it, and train it to do as you want it to rather than work against you. This is a point that T. Harv Eker makes in his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, although he is talking about creating wealth, so many of his secrets can be applied to creating and maintaining optimal health. To quote him, “Training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you could ever own, in terms of both happiness and success.”

You may be asking, “How do I train my mind?” Well, you begin with noticing what your thoughts consist of. Are they supportive of your desire to be and remain healthy? Or are they just the opposite? You want to improve and change your thinking, which will help you bring about positive (healthier) changes in your life.

Control Your Thinking
You Are What You Think

As you notice the nonsupportive thoughts entering your mind, you can start to replace them with supportive and empowering ones. You can change your thinking to unlock your hidden potentials and change your life. Decide today that your health and life would be better if you chose to think more empowering, positive thoughts rather than the self-defeating, nonempowering thoughts of the past. Decide today that you are in control of what you think – take control back from allowing your mind to be in the driver’s seat.

Control your thinking is to block all the unimportant, self-destructive thoughts that come in your mind and focus on all-important, empowering thoughts. In this way, you can change your thinking and thus allow only positive, productive, good thoughts to enter your mind. You choose your thoughts. Scores of thoughts cross our mind every minute and it is our responsibility to keep a check on these thoughts.

When you continue to allow the negative thoughts to take up residency and win out over the empowering thoughts then you are what you think and you will pay the price in—health, time, energy, or happiness—all areas of your life. Remember since your mind is a great story-teller you might as well make up stories that support your efforts.

There are other ways to improve your thinking. You can also think of new and innovative ideas. Control your thinking by throwing out lethargy and laziness from your life. Do not waste time on one single thought and keep pondering over it.

Give credence to all your thoughts and increase your pace of thinking. You want to think quickly but in an organized manner. Learn to think quickly in every situation and find smart solutions for different problems.

Quick and logical thinking really helps in dealing with any situation. So get in the habit of thinking logically. Your thoughts should be in tune with your actions (or what you want to do) and the situations that you face. Think about success and other positive things in life, which can easily increase your motivation levels.

Mind gamesThere are various brain power games, which you can play to improve your thinking and empower your mind. Chess, scrabble, Sudoku and other word power games really help you to empower your thinking. To improve this skill, make it a habit to play these mind games regularly.

You will surely notice excellent results in a few days as your thinking process will gradually become sharper, more supportive of your desires, and you’ll change your life for the better.

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