Meet Lynn

Tupelo Bakery's Market Days
Lynn – Tupelo Bakery’s Market Days – Mar. 2009

Lynn Stafford has become very passionate about her health and helping others become healthier through eating better with proper nutrition and hydration, regular exercise, proper sleep and rest, and managing stress.

As a Professional Health and Wellness Coach this allows Lynn to work with others who have decided it’s time to focus on their wellness and become more prevention minded.  She is committed to helping her clients realize how productive they can be and how energized, motivated, and wonderful they can feel once they take charge of their health through preventive measures.

Lynn was one of the Co-Op coordinators for Bread Becker’s (near Atlanta, Georgia) for 10 years and teaches bread making classes.  Since starting to make bread for her family in November 2004 the family no longer purchases any store-bought bread products.
Lynn has been on her journey to a healthier lifestyle since July of 2004.  It all began when she decided to do a colon (body) cleanse figuring it could only help!  What began as a 30-day commitment also began the habit of reading food labels… (more on that later).

Her family has been using a whole food nutritional supplement called Juice Plus+® (fruits and vegetables in a capsule!) since October of 2004.  Lynn soon thereafter became a distributor finding it impossible not to share it with others – after all we all need to be eating more fruits and vegetables.  Lynn hosts Wellness Presentations for both adults and children.

7,500 Piece Puzzle

She lives in the panhandle of Florida, in the quiet, small town of Monticello.  This affords a quiet place to walk on a regular basis, which she strives to do for one hour at least five days a week.  She has two grown daughters, one son, and two grandchildren.

Besides walking (which she really does enjoy), Lynn also enjoys sewing, working on craft projects, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.  In her spare time (LOL!), she and her son completed a 7,500 piece puzzle of a map of the world with endangered animals.  What a real challenge that was on and off for about 10 years!

The family’s pet is their son’s dog, Stonewall, born in Dec. 2009.

Son Enjoying Spring! – April 12, 2010

Stonewall – April 12, 2010