12 Natural Tips for Preventing Flu and Colds

None of us like to have a cold or be down with the flu. Following a healthful lifestyle and applying a few healthful tips can help you avoid either.

Germs spread through touchingNone of us like to have a cold or be down with the flu. Following a healthful lifestyle and applying a few healthful tips can help you avoid either without getting a flu shot, which has its risks.  And it’s best not to wait until the early symptoms appear but rather follow and apply some preventive measures regularly.

Our immune systems, when functioning properly, have an amazing ability to fight off the cold and flu.  Even with early symptoms, it’s usually just a short time before the immune system puts up a fight.

Apply these 12 tips to naturally help you avoid these bugs and remain healthy during cold and flu season.

  1. Wash hands. The best way to avoid and get rid of everyday germs is to wash your hands often and thoroughly. Plain soaps are best, avoid the anti-bacterial varieties.

  2. Get Proper RestGet sufficient rest. Proper sleep is key in aiding the body’s recovery and repair process. Without enough sleep your defense systems are greatly compromised.

  3. Breathe fresh air. Germs tend to linger in unfiltered, still air. Make it a habit to open up your windows for several minutes a few times a day to allow fresh air to circulate. If it is cold outside, wait until the warmest part of the day.

  4. Clean surfaces. Surfaces shared with others, such as telephones, door knobs, countertops, stair rails, faucet handles, and computer keyboards, should be cleaned frequently in order to avoid hand-to-hand spreading of germs. In public facilities, use paper towels or your sleeve to avoid touching germ-infested surfaces.

  5. Don’t touch your face.  Most cold and flu viruses enter the body through the nose, eyes, and mouth. One of the surest ways to contract viruses is to touch your face with your hands.

  6. Drink plenty of water. It’s crucial to stay well hydrated even when it’s cold outside. Drink primarily pure water and avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.

  7. Drink herbal teas. Drink teas that will boost your immune system and help diminish viral and bacterial growth, such as those with licorice root and Echinacea.

  8. Whole Food NutritionEat healthy foods. Keeping the body strong and functioning properly is the result of eating naturally nutritious foods, mostly from plant-based sources. Don’t merely rely on man-made isolated vitamin and mineral supplements that often pass right through your body. Eating whole foods or take a whole foods supplement so your body gets the nutrients it needs to support good health.

  9. Avoid refined sugars. Studies done by Loma Linda University indicate there is a significant temporary decrease in the ability of certain white blood cells, the phagocytes, to destroy bacteria after a person eats a large amount of sugar at one time. Normal levels of white blood cell activity do not return until five to six hours later.

  10. Eat garlic. Garlic has well documented antibacterial properties and helps detoxify the body. Use garlic often when cooking and preparing meals.

  11. Stay physically active. Aerobic activities cause us to breathe faster and increase our heart rates, which supply the body with more oxygen, which in turn, helps increase the body’s natural virus-killing cells.

  12. Manage stress. Stress lowers immunity, therefore practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, or visualization, during high stress times.

If you have any other suggestions or tips that have worked for you when preventing flu and colds, please share them in the comment section.

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